Working Groups

Working Groups are set up for specific tasks, also of technical nature. The results of the Working Groups activities are published as volumes of ISSI Scientific Report Series (SR) or in the scientific literature.


Active Working Groups

Science Objective

Group Leader

Designing a Low-Inclined Nanosatellite Mission to Improve the Science Return of the ESA Swarm Constellation > G. Hulot
Passive Microwave Virtual Mission Concept > S. Mecklenburg and M. Drusch

Satellite Earth Observation for Atmosphere-Ocean Gas Exchange >

J. Shutler

Earth Observation Open Science and Innovation 2.0 >

P.-P. Mathieu
Ionospheric Multi-Spacecraft Analysis Tools > M. Dunlop and H. Lühr


Completed Working Groups

Science Objective

Group Leader

Consistency of Integrated Observing Systems Monitoring the Energy Flows in the Earth System > K. von Schuckmann
Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation > M. Scholze
Cross-calibration of past FUV experiments > E. Quémerais
Venus Climate > L. Bengtsson
Collisionless Shocks in the Heliosphere > R. Treumann
Calibration Techniques for In-Situ Plasma Instrumentation > M. Wüest
Composition of Comets - in preparation for Rosetta > K. Altwegg
Photons in Space > M.C.E. Huber
Radiometric Calibration of SOHO > R. von Steiger
The Evolution of Mars J. Geiss
Analysis Methods for Multi-Spacecraft Data G. Paschmann